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Transform debt into wealth, one client at a time

Automate effective debt management and gain access to superior lending opportunities with Optivice.


Why Optivice?

Not an expert on debt? No problem.

Optivice does all of the tedious work, leaving you and your clients reap the rewards. From pulling in debt data, providing important client insights, helping improve client credit scores, and finding optimal loan and refinance opportunities – we've got you covered.

Financial advisors client experience

Deliver an exceptional client experience

Enhance your client services with actionable insights and timely alerts on your clients' outstanding debts, loans, and credit activities. Make more informed decisions to secure their financial future.

Reach the
next generation
of clients

Connect with the next generation of clients who view debt as a stepping stone to success. Expand your reach by providing cutting-edge debt management services with intuitive technology.

Provide services that attract new clients

Draw in clients seeking guidance in taking their financial journey to the next stage. Lead them from debt to wealth by equipping them with the necessary tools to achieve their financial goals.

Make More Money Financial Advisor

Unlock New Revenue

Regardless of your financial advisory firm's fee structure, Optivice empowers you to optimize your earnings while simultaneously building your clients wealth.
It's a win-win.

Debt management guide for financial advisors

Download Your Guide to Mastering Debt Management

Your automated debt management solution

Get an up-to-date and complete view of all client debt and loans

Get a view into your clients' outstanding debt details, across credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, student loans, and more.

Set goals and keep track of client debt repayment progress

Create and track debt repayment goals with clients to lower monthly costs and pay down debt quicker.

Increase client service with prompts for valuable touch points

Receive notifications, updates and tips to help keep your clients credit and financial goals on track.

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Proactive notifications for you to increase value to your clients

Have one less thing to worry about knowing that Optivice stays on top of your clients' debt and credit scores for you. Customize notifications to receive important alerts that impact each client's unique financial goals.

Personalized Recommendations

Receive automated notifications and debt management tips tailored to each client's unique financial goals.

Timely Insights

Financial advisors receive real-time updates on changes that impact client debt and credit scores.

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