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Debt & loan management for advisors

Get a complete view of your clients debt and loans –then help them smash it.


Provide true holistic planning with an easy, all-in-one debt management solution

Improve financial wellness for your clients in an efficient and tangible way to help build trust, strengthen relationships, and increase client loyalty and referrals.

Get an up-to-date and complete view of all client debt and loans

Get a view into your clients' outstanding debt details, across credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, student loans, and more.

Set goals and keep track of client debt repayment progress

Create and track debt repayment goals with clients to lower monthly costs and pay down debt quicker.

Increase client service with prompts for valuable touch points

Receive notifications, updates and tips to help keep your clients credit and financial goals on track.


"Knowing a client's debt and credit profile is integral in providing financial advice. Optivice gives me the tools I need to better provide this service to my clients."

Why Optivice?

Optivice allows financial advisors to effectively manage their clients debt and loans with ease. Our tool is proactive and automated – meaning we do most of the work for you – prompting you when it's time for you to step in as a trusted advisor.

Optivice empowers you to attract clients at the precise point of taking their wealth-building journey to the next stage. Be the trusted partner that leads them through debt and into wealth, becoming a magnetic force drawing in clients.

As a financial advisor, it’s your fiduciary responsibility to delve into your clients’ outstanding debts. Optivice provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of your clients’ debt data so that you can make informed decisions.

See the full picture and receive important insights on your clients’ debts, loans, and credit scores, making you their trusted advisor who provides a proactive client experience.

The new wave of clients are building their success, and debt is part of their journey. Guide them through debt and credit to gain their trust early on and foster lasting relationships – long into their wealth building days.

Regardless if you’re a flat fee or AUM-based advisor, integrating debt management services into your offerings provides additional revenue streams.

Debt management guide for financial advisors

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Proactive notifications for you to increase value to your clients

Have one less thing to worry about knowing that Optivice stays on top of your clients' debt and credit scores for you. Customize notifications to receive important alerts that impact each client's unique financial goals.

Personalized Recommendations

Receive proactive notifications and debt management tips tailored to each client's unique financial goals.

Timely Insights

Financial advisors receive real-time updates on changes that impact client debt and credit scores.

Level-up your client service

Integrate the debt management into your practice with ease.

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