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Wealthbox Integration

Manage Client Debt with the Optivice & Wealthbox Integration

Integrate your Wealthbox CRM with our innovative debt management tool

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Discover how the Optivice and Wealthbox integration helps advisors guide clients toward debt freedom. This webinar discusses how the Optivice debt management tool allows advisors to enhance their value proposition by integrating debt planning and management solutions for their clients.

Wealthbox Integration Benefits


Wealthbox and Optivice have a two way integration where data flows back on forth between the two systems.

Up-to-date debt information

Optivice pushes client credit score and credit score changes into Wealthbox on an ongoing basis to ensure that information stays current.

Customize clients synced

Stay focused by choosing which clients you want to provide debt management for and only sync those specific clients.


How Does it Work?

By connecting Optivice to your CRM, there is no need to manually add clients or key in their information. Instead, we pull in all of the necessary client information in for you. In addition, Optivice will automatically push important information, such as your clients' credit score and credit score changes, into your Wealthbox account for you.

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