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80% of Americans have some form of debt


Putting the power of debt and loan management at advisors' fingertips.

Advisors provide valuable guidance to their clients but a crucial piece of the holistic planning puzzle has been missing – effectively managing client debt and loans. We're here to change that.


About Optivice

The only debt planning tool built for American financial advisors

Advisors need a complete view of client debt and loans to ensure that no aspect of the financial journey is overlooked. We're redefining financial advisory excellence by incorporating debt management into the equation, with timely debt insights and goal-driven debt repayment strategies.

Why Debt Management Matters in America

$17.06 trillion

Total household debt in America


Average consumer debt per American adult


of Americans have some form of debt


Who we help

Optivice is built for financial advisors who want to provide impactful and tangible financial guidance to Americans. Our platform is perfectly suited for advisors who aspire to leave a lasting legacy, establish themselves as frontrunners in the industry, and profoundly impact their clients' financial lives. If you're a financial advisor seeking to enhance your offering and effect meaningful change in your clients' financial futures, get in touch.​

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Our team of experts have built highly-successful products within the wealth management and financial planning industry.

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