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Getting your future clients into your hands sooner

Optivice empowers your high-income prospects to break free from debt and engage with your services sooner. Leave the intricacies of debt management to us, building client trust and retaining valuable future clients for your firm.


Did you know?

The higher the client's income, the more likely they will carry debt.


of Americans carry some form of debt


of six-figure earners carry credit card debt for over one year


of Americans earning $100K+ annually are living paycheck to paycheck


"My financial advisor helped me address outstanding student loans and credit card debt effectively thanks to Optivice. Today, I am now debt-free and working with my advisor to navigate my six-figure income, make smart investments, and pave the way to financial freedom."

Your white-label solution to tackle client debt so you can help them build wealth

Optivice offers financial advisors a unique solution to nurture their prospects and deliver a valuable service that prepares them for engaging in your services. Optivice enables high-income prospects to eliminate debt and start working with you sooner – all at no cost to you.

AI Personalized Recommendations

Our sophisticated software sends personalized updates to clients with, important insights and helpful tips to keep their credit, debt, and financial goals on track.


Debt management client

White-Labeled Debt Management Support

To ensure that you stay top of mind with future clients, our app and client-facing communications are white-labelled with your firm's logo.


Debt planning coaching

1:1 Coaching from Debt Management Experts

Our debt management experts provide personalized coaching to get your future clients out of debt faster. We help them with debt – you help them with wealth.


Why Optivice?

Optivice is your exclusive white-label solution designed to efficiently guide prospects and clients out of debt, enabling them to engage in your services more quickly, all without any effort on your part. With the power of cutting-edge technology and expert coaching, Optivice steers clients through the debt reduction journey, seamlessly transitioning them to your firm's expertise when it's time for the wealth-building phase.

Optive empowers you to work with clients at the precise point of taking their wealth-building journey to the next stage. Optivice works for you by getting high-income prospects and clients out of debt quickly and seamlessly transitioning them into your services once they are valuable clients for your bottom line. 

The majority of high-income earners carry debt and live pay check to paycheck. Optivice’s white-labeled solutions get these prospects out of debt faster with no work on your end, ensuring that you don’t lose them as valuable future clients.

Stop turning clients away because they don’t yet have enough assets. Instead, utilize Optivice to provide valuable and personalized services to guide prospects out of debt. As a result, you will build trust with profitable clients early, ensuring that they become life-long clients – all at no cost.

The new wave of clients are building their success, and debt is part of their journey. Optivice can coach your prospects and clients through debt, helping set you up for successful and long-lasting client relationships – long into their wealth-building days.

Intelligent AI-powered notifications to kick off your future clients' financial journey

Have one less thing to worry about knowing that Optivice nurtures prospects, builds client trust, and delivers valuable services to your future clients all on your behalf.

Personalized Recommendations

Prospects receive proactive notifications and debt management tips tailored to each client's unique financial goals.

Timely Insights

Your prospects receive real-time insights on changes their debt and credit scores.

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